My Favorite Bookstore

This isn’t a secret at all, but I’m a huge bibliophile. I love reading, I love books, I love bookstores, I majored in English literature… it’s pretty much been my “thing” my entire life. So, naturally, I have favorites! And today I’m going to share my favorite bookstore: a tiny, hole-in-the-wall place in Salem, Oregon, called The Book Habit.

The Book Habit

The Book Habit!

As I’m sure you can tell, The Book Habit is a used bookstore (the best kind of bookstore). It’s at the bottom of a very steep flight of outdoor steps, a little bit tucked away, and inside it’s small and crowded. It’s the kind of place where everything is cheap, to the tune of $3 paperbacks, but you have to do some digging because the shelves are not very well-organized and are often packed two rows deep. I go there every time I’m in Salem and always emerge with something, usually something I wasn’t expecting to find. It’s a fantastic place.

Address: 390 Liberty Street SE, Salem, OR 97301


Photo Post: The Oregon Coast

Last summer, just a few weeks after I came back from Japan, my friends and I spent a weekend at the Oregon coast. We rented a beach house near Tillamook and used that as our base camp while we went to a few places in the area. I don’t have a lot to say, but I do have pictures to share! And I can tell you how to get to Tillamook from Salem (and I suppose Portland, too, for practicality’s sake), to make this somewhat informative, as well.

Sand Dunes

Sand dunes! The sand was really hot, but we ran all the way to the top anyway.

Dune Trees

Trees at the top of the dunes.

The Sea

The sea!

Crab Races

Crab Races?

Oregon Coast

The coast at the edge of the world.

Sea Lions

Sea lions! There are a lot of them at the coast.

Access: You have to drive and it’s kind of far.

From Salem: Get on OR-22 W. After about 4 miles, turn onto US-101 N/Oregon Coast Highway. After about 25 miles, turn right to stay on the Oregon Coast Highway. About 14 more miles and you’ll hit Tillamook. Travel time: roughly two hours.

From Portland: Get on US-26 W/NW Sunset Highway via the ramp to the Oregon Zoo. After about 20 miles, turn onto OR-6 W. Follow OR-6 W for about 50 miles and you’ll hit Tillamook. Travel time: roughly an hour and a half.

Photo Post: Willamette University

I’m back from an excellent weekend in Salem, spent with my best friends doing fun things like laser tag and watching Legend of Korra, and now I’m going to break with the Japan theme for a day to do a US photo post. Salem is the home of my alma mater, Willamette University, and I took a bunch of pictures on Friday afternoon that I want to share.

Willamette University

Welcome, from the corner of Winter and State.

Willamette Clock Tower

The clock tower.

Willamette Eaton and Waller

The State Street side of Eaton and Waller Halls.

Willamette Walton Hall

Walton Hall. I had all my Japanese classes here.

Willamette Waller Hall

Waller Hall, home of the admin offices. Fun fact: it’s the oldest building west of the Mississippi that’s still in use.

Willamette Mill Stream

The Mill Stream, looking towards Goudy Commons (the dining hall).

I hope you enjoyed this little visit to my very small (~2,000 students) liberal arts university in the Pacific Northwest. WU has a beautiful campus and I love it.


Taking a break from the Japanese info posts to do a pic spam from my recent trip to Disneyland. My sister and I went for three days to celebrate her graduation from high school and, even though it was super hot and we got sunburned (her more than me), it was an awesome trip.

Waiting for Star Tours. We’re so cool.

Disneyland Castle

The castle is so pretty at night.

Disneyland Parade

Belle in the parade was super sweet and posed for my camera.

Disneyland Teacups



Fantasyland from the train.

We rode Autopia three times in as many hours.

And we went to Downtown Disney before heading to the airport. It was a good way to end the trip.

In conclusion? I adore Disneyland.