Haecceity [hek-SEE-ih-ty]: Noun.The pure experience of a moment in time; the hereness and nowness of reality.

About the Blog: Haecceity is written and maintained by Lexi, a twenty-something Pacific Northwest native with an English degree and a case of wanderlust. Here you will find assorted tales of international [mis]adventure alongside travel photos and a lot of stuff about Japan. Updates five to six times a week.

About the Blogger: You can call me Lexi! I’m from Seattle, the home of Starbucks and Amazon.com, but I’ve also lived in Oregon and Japan. My Japan story began back in August 2008, when I spent a term at Tokyo International University, which is in Kawagoe, Saitama and not Tokyo at all. I returned to Japan in July 2010 with the JET Program and spent a year in Matsuyama, Ehime down on Shikoku. In total, I’ve lived about a year and a half in the Land of the Rising Sun and, though I am enjoying being back home for a while, I’m not done yet.

In addition to travel and all things Japanese, I enjoy learning, used bookstores, and cinema. I also collect mugs.

About the Header: It’s the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, photographed in May 2011.


Any thoughts?

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