Japanese Patient Cards

Lazy blogger is lazy. Actually, it’s only partially laziness. The rest of it is political canvassing, which is kind of exhausting. Anyway! I dug around in the archives for posting material and settled on something random: my Japanese patient cards!

Patient Cards

Patient cards from two different places. I blurred out my year of birth.

Since I no longer live in Matsuyama, I don’t really care about showing these. The one on top is for Ehime Prefecture Central Hospital. Ken-byouin (as it’s called locally) is where I had surgery on my hand and where I subsequently had about 20 after care visits. Despite no one speaking English, Ken-byouin and I became good friends. The one on the bottom is for the clinic I visited monthly to pick up a medication I’ve taken for many years. Japan doesn’t really do prescriptions that can be filled multiple times.

The patient card system is interesting simply the US does things differently. In Japan, when you go to a new clinic or hospital, you fill out a bunch of paperwork and are issued a card. On subsequent visits, you give the receptionist your patient and insurance cards and that takes care of the check-in. In my experience, at major hospitals like Ken-byouin you put the patient card in a machine and the machine prints out instructions. Then you give your insurance card to the nurse assigned to your specific physician.

I actually like the patient card thing. I think it makes it easier for them to find your information and get things to the doctor, since medical records are all digital. I kind of miss the efficiency of just handing over a couple of cards and then taking a seat.


Any thoughts?

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