Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

My assorted foreign currency. Japan, the UK, Canada, the EU, and… Serbia, I think? I don’t know, someone gave that one to me.

I love foreign currency. Whenever I leave the US, I like to bring back a little bit of money just to have it. I have random collections, okay? There’s actually a decent amount of money in that pile, but I don’t intend to ever have it exchanged to US dollars.

Of course, my biggest collection is yen! When I left Japan the last time, my employers paid out the tiny remainder of my salary in cash and I had a little bit of money in my purse, so I ended up bringing about $350 in yen back to Seattle. The salary I exchanged, of course, but I decided to keep the purse contents. And it seems like something nice to talk about, in case some readers are unfamiliar!


My remaining yen!

From the top down (right to left): ¥1,000 note, ¥500 coin, ¥100 coin, ¥50 coin, ¥10 coin, ¥5 coin, and ¥1 coin. At the current exchange rate, ¥1,000 is about $12 and a ¥1 coin is as useless as ever.

So that’s my little currency collection! Nothing overly exciting, but it still makes me happy.


Any thoughts?

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