A Bit of Engrish

Everyone’s heard of Engrish – that weird sort of pseudo-English popular in Asia. It can be found in most Asian countries (China has some excellent examples), but Japan is widely considered its home. This dubious honor is easily supported by the many, many pictures on the internet of strange signage, t-shirts, and other such things.

And today I have such a picture for you!

Engrish Menu

The menu at a seafood restaurant in Osaka. My favorite is “enough crab”. What guidelines were used here? Maybe I won’t think it’s enough. Did you ever think of that, person who clearly decided Google Translate could do no wrong?


2 thoughts on “A Bit of Engrish

  1. It’s all relative, right? (lol) ..i like the first one. ‘It is one boiling crab’ ..when they give it to you? ouch! hot! hot!!

Any thoughts?

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