Karaoke Music Videos

I’ve talked about karaoke before. In that post, I briefly mentioned the hilarious nature of most of the karaoke music videos. Since the chains rarely have use rights to the real music videos (or real music videos just don’t exist), they fill in with one from their video library. Do enough karaoke and you will become very familiar with every single one because there really aren’t all that many.

The best part of this process, though, is that they never seem to take into account the content of the songs. So most of the time you end up with a bizarre sort of mix-and-match that doesn’t make any sense. And that is what I’m sharing today: a few pictures from the weird karaoke files.

Karaoke Video

How about some low grade sci-fi with your Mary Poppins?

Karaoke Video 2

Hey look, it’s ’80s Man!

Karaoke Video 3

Wait, the real music video? What is this madness?

Karaoke Video 4


I decided to put the toy monkey brightly colored one last because it is the creepiest of all. It was actually the other half of the Mary Poppins video, which is even more peculiar given that it has absolutely nothing to do with the bad CGI, which in turn has absolutely nothing to do with Mary Poppins. It’s like a fractal of poor planning.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little foray into the strange world of Japanese karaoke videos! I only wish I’d thought to start taking pictures sooner because there were so many others I could have preserved for posterity.


Any thoughts?

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