Photo Post: Kawagoe Matsuri

Every October, the city of Kawagoe has an autumn matsuri (festival). It’s actually a really big matsuri and people from all over the area attend. And an important part of the festivities is the inclusion of dashi! Dashi are floats, basically. They’re owned by neighborhoods, cost almost as much as a house, and are pulled by large teams. During the dashi portion of the festival, when two floats meet they have a battle made up of music and cheering, both from the people on the float (costumed and carrying instruments) and the people pulling.

When I was on JSP, we got to join a neighborhood and help pull their float. It was really fun and really memorable, so I’m going to share some pictures with you.

Kawagoe Matsuri Dashi

A dashi!


Almost too tall to get under the pedestrian overpass.

Dashi Battle

It’s on now.

Dashi Fight


Dashi Team

The neighborhood team.

Bonus shot: Annie and me, dressed and ready and squinting into the sun.


Any thoughts?

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