A Little This And That

Professional Mode

Professional mode GO!

Yes, today I went into professional mode (not super professional mode, though, which involves busting out my suit) to go get me a job. And I got it! My five-month streak of unemployment has officially ended! Well, it has until the election, anyway. I’ll be doing some political activism work for better-than-minimum until November, which will be good for my resume while helping me pay off the balance on my credit card.

I will also be volunteering at the Aki Matsuri in Bellevue this weekend, doing a two-hour shift at the JET table answering questions and trying to lure people into applying. Not a big thing, but it’ll be nice. A change of pace.

I suppose you can call this post my State of the Blogger Address. Even though, starting next week, I’ll be working four nights a week (Monday through Thursday), I plan to keep the posts coming at roughly the same rate. So five or six a week. Working again shouldn’t have too big an impact on things around here.

And I will be back to regularly scheduled Japan/travel programing tomorrow! Over and out.


Any thoughts?

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