Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park

The moat around Shiroyama Park in downtown Matsuyama.

Shiroyama Park (城山公園) is a sizable park in downtown Matsuyama. Shiroyama means “castle mountain”, which is accurate in this case because Matsuyama Castle is on a tall hill in the middle, though you can’t reach the castle from the park itself. The castle deserves its own post, so I’ll talk about it another day, but I only have one decent park picture. Standalone post it is!

My favorite thing about Shiroyama Park is actually the moat that encircles it. To be honest, the interior isn’t very beautiful (wide expanses of somewhat sparse grass broken up by small clumps of trees), but the moat, with its lanterns and decorative cranes, is fantastic. It’s a refreshing break in the otherwise standard concrete-twentieth-century look of the rest of downtown. And, with the path you can see in the picture, it’s also a really nice place to take a walk! It’s a great stop if you’re in Matsuyama and want a break from a day of shopping or busy sightseeing.

Access: Starting at Matsuyama Shi-Eki, walk away from the shopping arcade Gintengai, following the streetcar tracks. You’ll come up to a large intersection and the park will be right across from you. You could take the streetcar, but it would only be one stop and that’s a bit silly when it’s not even a 10-minute walk.


Any thoughts?

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