Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Taking on another themed post, this time the site-wide Weekly Photo Challenge! The topic? Urban. This is a great subject that can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways and, being an urban girl at heart, it’s also one I love.

I actually gave it quite a lot of thought and discarded a couple of angles before settling on something I consider intrinsically linked to urban life: public transit. So I’ve got four photos for you, coming from a couple of my adventures in Tokyo and Osaka!

Osaka Station

A busy platform at Osaka Station.

Ueno Station

Looking across the tracks at Ueno Station.

Inside Ikebukuro

The flow of human traffic inside Ikebukuro Station.

Tokyo From the Shinkansen

Tokyo rushing by, from the shinkansen.

Definitely click the link to the challenge page and check out some other posts! There are a lot of fantastic photos out there.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. Hi,

    my name is Terence and I posted this week’s photo challenge. I would like to put together a gallery of all the amazing submissions and wanted to ask if you would like to participate. If so you simply upload your photo to the gallery here:


    there is a submit button next to the title – please also add the location and if you have, a title (less important).


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