Photo Post: Kyoto River Cruise

This sort of unintentionally turned into Kansai week, so I’m going to run with it! Today’s post is one from my JSP era: as part of the program, we went on a five-day trip to Kansai, where one of the group activities in Kyoto was a river cruise. Four years later, with nothing but pictures to help me, I have absolutely no idea where exactly this was, what it cost, or really anything of value, but I’m blogging about it anyway. That’s why it’s a photo post, not a travel piece.

Even though I have no useful information, I hope you enjoy some pictures from the Kyoto area!

Kyoto River Cruise


Japanese Houses

Some houses along the river.

Kyoto Forest

It was really beautiful countryside.

Kyoto Forest Hills

The forested hills just kept going.

River Conbini

A floating conbini! The signs, from left to right, offer amazake (a sweet sake drink), oden (a dish composed of things like eggs, daikon, and fish cakes in broth, all of which just taste like boiled fish), and ikayaki (grilled squid).

Just a short post for this Saturday evening! But you can’t really go wrong with a few photos, right? Of course right.


Any thoughts?

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