Matsuyama City Station

Matsuyama City Station

Matsuyama City Station, last July. The camera was on the twilight setting.

Matsuyama City Station (松山市駅) is one of the two train stations in Matsuyama, the other being the JR station in a different part of town. Referred to as Shi-eki (literally “city station”), it’s where downtown begins, as well as where you can catch Iyo-Tetsu (the local transit company) trains. This picture was taken from one end, looking towards the entrance of the shopping arcade Gintengai. The station itself, with the attached department store Takashimaya, is to the right, just out of the frame. The covered area in the middle is the streetcar station, where you can catch the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

I lived about a 25-minute walk/10-minute bus ride from Shi-eki and have a lot of nostalgia when I look at this picture. It was where I met up with my friends and the starting point of most of my social activities. While it’s almost impossible that I’d ever live in Matsuyama again, I do hope to visit next time I’m in Japan.


Any thoughts?

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