UFO Catchers

UFO Catcher

My sister winning us UFO Catcher cat things.

I know I said it would be a blogless weekend, but my friend has to work today, so I’m just hanging out at her place for a couple of hours until we meet for lunch. And this is a good way to pass the time, so let’s talk UFO catchers!

UFO catcher is the Japanese term for a claw game. Unlike in the US, though, they’re super popular and there are some arcades specifically devoted to them. Also unlike in the US, the arcades actually want you to be able to win, sometimes even going so far as to rearrange the prizes for you. There’s also a wide variety of prizes, ranging from plushies to cup noodle to creepy erotic anime figurines. My sister got a bit obsessed when she was in Japan and won me three plushies in a week. It was fantastic.

UFO catchers are a lot of fun, but be warned: they are addictive.

Cost: ¥400


Any thoughts?

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