Blast From the Past: TIU

Yes, good old Tokyo International University (東京国際大学). The way I first went to Japan, in August 2008. TIU, which is in Kawagoe, Saitama, has a program for foreign students called the Japanese Studies Program. It’s primarily language-oriented, with three hours of Japanese class four days a week and two Japanese studies classes, once a week each. I took modern Japanese history and Japanese literature. I only did the program for one semester, because I was an English major, but a full academic year is also an option.

I actually really recommend JSP, if you want to study in Japan. It’s near Tokyo, it’s homestay, and there are other things involved, such as a one-week trip to Kansai and a few local cultural activities. It’s a pretty great program.

Most of my TIU pictures are full of former classmates, but I did find three pictures of the campus itself. Better than nothing, right?

Tokyo International University

The building where JSP classes are held.

Tokyo International University

The library.

Tokyo International University

The exterior stairs leading to the “English language lounge”, and one of the cafeteria buildings to the right.


Any thoughts?

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