And We’re back!

After another long absence, but only a month this time, I’m back! April was a mix of job-hunting, exercising, and studying Japanese, which resulted in not feeling like I had much to blog about. Currently, I’m doing some freelance writing (while keeping an eye out for full-time employment), exercising, and studying Japanese. So it’s… not much different, really, but it’s better. I’m definitely keeping myself busy!

Other news of note: I’m hopinh to go to Tokyo for October into November, to go to language school. And, to celebrate her high school graduation, I’m taking my sister to Disneyland in June. So there will be more travel in my immediate future!

I’ll finish this up with a Japan photo (because everyone likes Japan photos, right?). This one is from my JSP days, actually, so it’s a blast from the past! December 2008. For our graduation from the program, most of us wore kimono. I asked my amazing host family if I could borrow one from them, rather than from the university, and then almost had a heart attack when they gave it to me. Entirely. Obi, geta, and all. Professional kimono ladies had to dress us, because it’s crazy complicated, and my friend took a picture of my obi to show off their awesome work.

Beautiful, huh?

And, if you’re interested in checking out some of my other writing, ぜひぜひ!

(By all means)


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