London Special 05: Conclusion

King’s Cross Station is awesome.

Tuesday was our last proper day in London, as all we did on Wednesday was go to the airport and hang out until our flight boarded. But Tuesday, like Monday, was pretty chill. We did all of two things until the evening: King’s Cross Station (for Platform 9¾, naturally) and the British Library.

Just for the record, we actually didn’t make a special trip for King’s Cross – the British Library is down the street. But passing through King’s Cross was an added bonus because the three of us are Harry Potter fans of old, so getting to take nerdy pictures was awesome.

You know this had to happen.

After a brief Harry Potter interlude, we headed off to the library. If you’re sitting there wondering why we would want to go to a library on our holiday, the British Library is the home of a room of antique documents from all over the world: Shakespeare folios, Buddhist scrolls from Asia, maps from the sixteenth century, illuminated manuscripts from Europe, and other beautiful things. It also has the Magna Carta, which was a big draw for me. And, as it’s a library, there’s no entry fee, so that’s pretty fantastic.

Nicola, who’s studying library science, was disappointed by how unattractive the British Library building is.

After the library, we ate pizza at a place across the street, then went back to our hotel mid-afternoon. That gave us time to pack, relax a bit (with British game shows), and leisurely get ready for our second night of theatre-going.

Tuesday’s theatre, unlike Monday, was divided. Nicola isn’t a big musical person, so she went to see Woman in Black while Dana and I went to see Les Miserables, which was actually the main reason Dana wanted to go at this time. She’s a big fan of the actors playing the lead characters. I’m just a big fan of the show, so I was in regardless. And our seats were awesome. It was at Queens Theatre, which is pretty small, and we were in the middle of row J, so we could see facial expressions easily. It was so great.

I approve this outing.

And that was the trip! On Wednesday, we checked out of our hotel a little before 11 and headed to Paddington, where we caught the Heathrow Express to, aptly, Heathrow. Which is not, for the record, a very efficient airport. The boarding procedure was a mess, just one big line with no division by section in the plane, so it took forever. And the flight itself, while not the worst ever (that would be my flight back from Japan in 2008 when I’d been up all night vomiting), was packed, and had us sitting in the middle section, so I was very glad to get home. But the trip was wonderful and a few rough patches definitely didn’t ruin it.

With my friend Dana in a pub, back on our first day.

I hope you enjoyed my write-ups! Next up… something from Japan!


Any thoughts?

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