So Tired of Cleaning… Already

My apartment check from the Board of Education is tomorrow at 5, so I spent a good chunk of today watching review videos at The Cinema Snob while sorting out  all the paper and cardboard (to be taken out under cover of darkness) and getting a couple of boxes taped up and ready to be shipped. I don’t think they’re looking for how clean the place is, since I’m not moving out for almost a month yet, so much as making sure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. Nevertheless, it’ll make me look better if I’m obviously working on it, and getting trash out is visible progress. I’ve also taken some stuff down from the walls, dumped a lot of drain cleaner in the shower drain, and cleaned the bathroom sink. I’ll try to get to the dishes tonight before calling it good.

I’m already kind of sick of this ordeal, to be honest. At least I still have four weeks, and I’m planning to use the last of my vacation from 7/21, so I have time, but it’s a pain in the ass. Especially since I’m apparently supposed to get rid of everything non-essential (so if it’s not furniture and appliances, it needs to be gone). I don’t like that because I have non-perishable food that’s never been opened and I have serious issues with just throwing it away. I’m going to try to talk to my successor about it and then tell the BOE that, it’s fine, they know that there’s going to be stuff here. Because that is seriously もったいない.

In other news, today I spent way too much money at a stationary store. My new thing is scrapbooking (except not really – they’re more just decorated photo albums) and Japan has fantastic scrapbooking supplies. At least it’s not big stuff, so it shouldn’t add too much to my packing up to go back to the States. I also got stuff to make little thank-you cards for the English assistants I’ve worked with this year, my boss, and the JET support person. And probably not for a bunch of other people because it’s way too easy to let that spiral into making 3529031 cards and not getting any rest until August.

As a final note for this fairly lackluster blog post, this weekend was a bit sad because my friend Alicia left Japan to return to Trinidad (her home country) yesterday. She has an important job interview, so she broke her contract to leave three and a half weeks early. So that was sad and I already miss her a lot. We did get to do a last round of purikura last weekend, though, and I saw her Friday night when she was getting the last of her stuff packed up and taken care of, so that was good.

Alicia (top), me, and my other JET friend Nicky last weekend

And that’s it for tonight. I’m thinking about doing some video blogging at some point, even though that’s not my usual medium at all, just for the hell of it. My MacBook Pro has a webcam and it can do video, so it’s not like I’d need any special equipment. We’ll see if I ever get around to it.


3 thoughts on “So Tired of Cleaning… Already

    • It was fine. I feel like they must see a lot of dirty apartments or something because they commented on how clean it is and, by my standards, it’s not great. I also found out that my successor is a girl from England, but they haven’t given me an email address yet. I’ll probably get that info on Friday at the monthly meeting. We’ll see!

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