The End Times Are Upon Us

That sounds way more ominous than what’s actually going on. What I’m really referring to is the impending end of my JET contract: 32 days from tomorrow I’m off, which means I need to get my apartment cleaned and all my stuff sorted out and packed up… sometime before then. And, let me tell you, one accumulates a lot of stuff in a year. I don’t even know where it all came from, but I currently have a stupid amount of paper and cardboard chilling in my kitchen waiting to be removed from the premises.

Where did it all come from? And why didn’t I throw it away months ago?

You can also see the edge of one of the boxes I’m packing up to ship to my parents’ house.

On the plus side, when I’m not flailing around trying to clean and consolidate, this move is forcing me to seriously downsize my wardrobe. Since I do have limits on how much I can take back, I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff. I have two piles going in my bedroom: the stuff that’s in good enough shape to sell to Off-House, and the stuff that’s just going to the bin. Some of it is practically new, because I bought it right before coming to Japan, then dropped a ton of weight, and the rest is either worn out or things I never wear. I tend to get sentimental and keep clothes, but I can’t afford to deal with things I don’t use, so out with them.

I did discover the wonders of the M-Bag, though, for my books. If you’ve never done any major international shipping, the M-bag is a cheap rate for printed material (and nothing else). My bag of books is 6kg and my bag of dictionaries and Japanese study materials is 9kg because dictionaries are heavy. I’d like to send them together, though, because 15kg is ¥10,000 cheaper than one 6kg and one 9kg bag separately. Either way, it won’t be more than ¥14,000 ($173) and that’s really cheap for the weight. 15kg, by the way, is 33lbs.

When all is said and done, I’m probably going to be shipping four boxes of varying sizes (guess how many boxes I had in the closet), by SAL (cheaper than air, less worrisome than ground), plus the books. Which isn’t too bad. I’m pretty okay with that amount.

So that’s where I am at the moment. Busy busy busy, but looking forward to going home for a while.

(Note to self: buy packing tape tomorrow.)


One thought on “The End Times Are Upon Us

  1. 32 days and counting for your family who are most excited to have you moving back home (at least for awhile)!

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