Family in Japan 03: Tokyo Disney

The family at Tokyo Disney!

Sorry for the absence! I’ve been fighting with my Board of Education over my return flight to Seattle at the end of July. It’s a long story and one I’ll come back to after the issue has been resolved. For now, though, I’ll talk about an important day in the Tokyo leg of the great Japan adventure: Tokyo Disneyland!

My mum, sister and I love Disneyland, so we were pretty psyched to go to Disneyland in Tokyo. Because of the stomach issues from Matsuyama, we left Disney for Thursday. It ended up being a good choice because it didn’t rain, but it was overcast and cool. Anyone who’s tried to do a Disney park in the summer knows that cool weather is infinitely preferable. I actually wore my jacket all day.

Yay Disney!

It was kind of strange, though, because despite being Children’s Day, which is right in the middle of Japan’s busiest travel season, the park was pretty empty. I’ve never had an easier time getting on attractions anywhere – the longest wait was 40 minutes, the rest were 30 or less. The only ride that had a serious wait time was Splash Mountain, so my sister and I decided to just skip it in favor of other things. We actually managed to get on nine attractions: It’s a Small World (had to be done… once), Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, Thunder Mountain (again), the little Toon Town coaster, and we ended the day with one more ride on Space Mountain (my absolute favorite). We also rode the little train that goes around part of the park and ate tasty, overpriced food. Considering we only stayed from 9:30 till mid-evening, that’s a lot!

Such a quiet day.

Despite being a little weirded out by how few people were out (I think it might have been earthquake-related, considering the park had only been open again for a couple weeks at that point), it was delightful. We weren’t interested in watching the Easter-themed parade, so we took advantage of those times to make a break for more popular rides and, even though my mum’s stomach got a little iffy again for part of the day, we had a great time. The magic of Disneyland, maybe.

We also decided to buy one of the plastic popcorn buckets, for the nice flavored popcorn they sell at Tokyo Disney, so I’m going to end this with an amusing aspect of traveling from Tokyo to Osaka, and then later from Osaka back to Matsuyama: my classy bag accessory.

So class.

(Don’t be surprised if my blog layout changes periodically. I’m not sure what I want, so I’m experimenting.)


2 thoughts on “Family in Japan 03: Tokyo Disney

  1. Yay Tokyo Disneyland! I’ve been to Disney twice already since December but I can’t get enough! Its a bit sad to hear not many people were going, but it must have been nice!

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