My Travels So Far

Sakura at dusk, in the park near Matsuyama Castle. Unrelated to this post, but pretty.

I mentioned this habit in my Hiroshima write-up, but I travel a lot. In fact, I have been out of Matsuyama at least once a month since September. I haven’t done any travel outside of Japan, which is something I will do in the future (ideally not too far off from now), but I’m definitely getting the most out of being in Japan. So, because it may be of interest to someone, I’m going to do a little recap here of the traveling I’ve done so far during my year as a JET.

01. Ikina Island (Seto Inland Sea): 9/22-9/23
I went out to a very rural island in between Ehime and Hiroshima to see a fellow Ehime JET who lives there.

02. Osaka/Takarazuka: 10/23-10/24
My whirlwind Takarazuka Revue weekend. I went with two other JETs (one of them the Ikina friend) and saw two shows in 24 hours.

03. Kawagoe (Saitama): 11/20-11/23
A trip up to Kawagoe, where I studied abroad, to see my host family for the first time in about two years.

04. Seattle: 12/25-1/3
Including this for completion’s sake. I went home to spend Christmas with my family, shortly after The Bicycle Incident.

05. Tokyo: 2/11-2/13
I went to Tokyo for a long weekend, including an afternoon and evening seeing friends in Kawagoe.

06. Osaka/Kyoto/Nara: 3/4-3/7
A weekend in Kansai with my friend Lauren. It was amazing.

07. Hiroshima: 4/3
The day-trip to Hiroshima that I wrote about in my last entry.

And there you have it: seven trips in about seven months. Next up is my mum and sister coming to Japan at the end of this month (20 days!). They’ll be here for Golden Week and I got three days off, so we’ll have an awesome 10-day holiday. Matsuyama first, of course, then up to Tokyo, then to Kansai. I’m so psyched, I can’t even tell you. It’s going to be amazing.

Oh, and I should probably mention that I had the second surgery on my hand (to get the plates out) on Tuesday and, while it was Most Unpleasant and did not involve enough anesthetic, the recovery is going well and things are looking good. I’m just glad the whole saga is just about over. Four more days, then the stitches come out, then I should be finished with my frequent trips to the Prefecture Central Hospital. Hells yes.


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