Snapshots of Modern Japan: 02

The ATMs at one of the downtown branches of my bank.

This is exactly what it says on the tin. But the point of this project is to capture mundane things and it doesn’t get much more mundane than a キャシュコーナー (cash corner, which is the Japanese term for ATMs). I bank with 愛媛銀行 (Ehime Bank, abbreviated to ひめぎん), which incidentally is one of the smallest banks in Japan. Regional banks are common here and my bank is, as the name suggests, found only in Ehime Prefecture, which is very unfortunate when traveling. Also, ATMs for all Japanese banks are always inside, close at night, and charge a fee if you want money outside of business hours. In a country that lacks both online banking and debit cards, that can be very irritating.

In short: banking in Japan is really inconvenient.


One thought on “Snapshots of Modern Japan: 02

  1. So are those little booths with ATMs in them?

    Sorry to hear that regional banking is annoying like that, and that there are so many issues with banking in general. 😦

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