Snapshots of Modern Japan: 01

I have decided to embark on a project. A Project, even. And, as you’ve probably deduced from the title of this post, I’ve decided to give it a title: Snapshots of Modern Japan. Because I’m really just a mediocre photographer and snapshots is the best word for the photos I take. Also, I like titling things.

Basically, starting today I’ll be doing periodic posts that will be composed of a single photo and a short explanation of what it is and why I took it. The theme, clearly, is things and places you can see in modern Japan. A lot of the photos will be from Matsuyama, since I live here, but I’ll try to mix in some variety.

So, I’ll just get started!

A Matsuyama side street on a Friday night

The street in the photo is one that runs parallel to one of the covered shopping arcades. It’s lined mostly with small restaurants and bars, lit by the signs (most of which are neon), and covered in exposed wires. It’s very typical for Japan. I really like streets like this, despite the fact that they’re narrow, poorly paved, and can feel kind of sketchy, because they go against the misconception that Japan is a copy of the west, a sort of Asia Lite. Japan is its own place and these sorts of streets, which can be found in every city, are a reminder of that.


One thought on “Snapshots of Modern Japan: 01

  1. Interesting. I can see why they might feel sketch… this particular street looks a bit sketch to me. But it looks like you can have a lot of fun at the restaurants and bars!

    I look forward to more “Modern Japan” snapshots. 😀

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