Best examples ever

You remember those Japanese grammar dictionaries I talked about? Well, I’ve been flipping through them and these guys put together the best example sentences ever. The English assistant at one of my visiting schools and I couldn’t stop laughing at the bizarre assortment they came up with to demonstrate how to use what is actually fairly complex grammar.

Here’s an example, for だらけ (darake), which means full of, filled with, or covered with:

病院に担ぎ込んだ時、その男の顔は血だらけだった (byouin ni katsugi konda toki, sono otoko no kao ha chi darake datta): When we carried him into the hospital, the man’s face was covered with blood.

Because that’s a sentence I’ll be using in the near future.

And here’s a good one for 以上 (ijou), which means since, now that, once, and other like words:

もらった以上は、あなたが何と言おうと、私の物です (moratta ijou ha, anata ga nan to iou to, watashi no mono desu): Now that you have given this to me, it’s mine no matter what you say.

I don’t know about you, but that’s just the sort of thing I wish I knew how to say in my second language on a fairly regular basis. And now I do, so next time the situation arises, I will be well prepared.

And, one more, from the section on rhetorical questions, we were given:

彼にそんな難しいことが分かるはずがないじゃない (kare ni sonna muzukashii koto ga wakaru hazu ga nai jya nai): How could you expect him to understand such a difficult thing?!

For those times when you really want to point out that your conversation partner has been talking to some very stupid people.

Maybe I’m just really easily entertained, but the fact that these dictionaries go out of their way to provide examples that are more interesting than usual textbook fare is pretty awesome. There’s stuff about cancer, your pets dying, being rejected when you propose to your girlfriend, nuclear armament (I couldn’t find it quickly enough, but there is totally a sentence involving nuclear weapons somewhere in this book), and all sorts of other creative uses for new grammar. I applaud the authors of this series for taking the time to construct something this enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “Best examples ever

  1. I must say, that Japanese book sure is entertaining! I look forward to more great examples of how to use grammar and words. I will have to remember how to say these.

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