New Shoes!

As I said in the previous entry, one of my goals was to find a new pair of black flats. I love heels, but my black patent leather flats have been super practical for business attire and days when I wear a skirt but feel a little lazy. Unfortunately, they were also purchased in 2007 and I finally had to admit that they need to be retired. So I went to the mall with my mum on a shoe-seeking mission.

Well, I was looking for flats, but the selection was terrible at the department stores. Then I went into Clarks and saw these:

It was love at first sight

They were on the clearance rack and the first pair I picked up was in my size and everything. I have small feet (US 7 and kind of narrow – great for shoe shopping in Japan), so I’m always excited to find sale shoes that fit. Clarks shoes are really high quality and these ones are leather with good insoles, which means they’recomfortable and easy to walk in. They also have the strap low on the foot, not up at the ankle, which makes your legs look longer. There was another pair that I wanted (these), but they weren’t on sale and I really don’t need to spend $95 on shoes right now. Sadly.

Anyone else have any good sale rack or shopping success lately? I really love shoes, myself, so I was psyched to find these.


4 thoughts on “New Shoes!

  1. Those shoes look really cute and comfortable, what a great buy! I like the shape of the heel. I am so jealous of your shoe size. I wish I was even one size smaller haha.

  2. I love shoes too (but you already knew that).

    One recommendation, for actually work (like in schools) I recommend flats. I actually wear tennis shoes to all my schools. In elementary school, you are going to move around a lot. Jr high, you are going to stand a lot. Nice shoes will be great for ceremonies and other formal events, but definitely get some flats or tennis shoes for school.

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