Could it be? A JET Post?

I am down to 13 days till departure – two weeks from today I will be in Tokyo for the JET orientation. So I’m at the point where I really have to get everything together to go because I don’t have lot of time left. On the to-do list is buying a couple of button-down shirts, getting a new pair of black flats because I’ll want them for the orientation, and getting my medication, among other items of varying importance. Finishing the epic cleaning of my room here at my parents’ house is also key.

Anyway, I now know exactly where I’ll be living, and the list of things I’m getting from my predecessor has been finalized. I ended up not getting any of the big items, which I will deal with when I arrive, but I did get some furniture (most notably a computer table and chair, and a bookcase), a down comforter and summer blanket, some small appliances (such as a toaster oven and water heater), and a few smaller things (like an alarm clock). In total, I’m getting 16 items for $160, which is a pretty good deal. I’m just going to have to go out my first couple of days and buy a fridge, futon, and washer, as well as basics like towels and dishes. I’m thinking the nearest ¥100 store and I are going to become really good friends.

Apparently, my apartment is about 15 minutes by bike from the centre of downtown Matsuyama, and there’s some shopping and such closer than that. Conveniently enough, that includes a big appliance store. I have a feeling my appreciation for getting an urban placement is going to kick in really early on. There’s also a small chance (not getting my hopes up) that my apartment building will already be wired for internet. My pred’s apartment is and it’s included in the maintenance fees, so I know it does happen. But it probably won’t for me because such is my luck. Either way, everything will be fine and I’ll figure out the set-up one way or another. If nothing else, it’ll make for another exciting adventure, right?

And that’s where I am right now! All of my paperwork has been turned in and cleared, the consul has my passport for visa stuff, and I have my final pre-departure orientation on the 23rd downtown. Something kind of fun, though, is that there’s a send-off party at the consul’s personal residence, which is in a very high class part of Seattle, that evening. And there will probably be a reception at the US embassy on Tokyo one night during orientation. It all feels very fancy and official.


4 thoughts on “Could it be? A JET Post?

  1. It might be more hassle than it is worth, but if you pay for shipping I can give you an fridge that I am not using. It is a good size for one person, but far too small for Jun and I. Like I said, probably more hassle than it is worth, but if you want to have a fridge right away without spending too much money, might be worth thinking about.

    • Oh, wow, thanks! That actually might be the best option – you would totally save me the hassle of having to immediately deal with the appliance store. Could you check how much it would cost to ship it to Matsuyama and then I’ll decide?

      • Just a guess from what things I have read, but it looks like it could cost between 200 – 300 (maybe 100 if you are lucky). I am going to ask for an estimate from a moving company and see what they say.

        • I’m thinking I’ll just head out to the nearest appliance store and buy a fridge when I arrive (I’m not the only new JET who needs to buy one, so we could probably go together). But thank you so much for offering! ♥

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