Salem Trip: Part Two

I know I said it would be “tomorrow” (and by tomorrow I mean two days ago), but I had trouble finding the time and motivation to sit down and blog. It’s been really hot finally here in the Pacific Northwest (it actually hit 90, or 32C) and I’ve been enjoying the summer while also lamenting my lack of any sort of A/C. The weather isn’t going to hold, so we might as well get the most out of it while it lasts, right?

Anyway, previously in the Salem Trip ’10 recap, Thursday through Saturday was covered in reasonable detail. This leaves Sunday and Monday, which were definitely epic enough in their own rights.

Ash, Annie, and Alex at Ellies place

Sunday was pretty chill during the day – Annie and I went to the mall and I found two pairs of pants on sale, then we ran through the fountain at the Capitol because it was hot and humid and we wanted to be five for a few minutes. We screamed for dramatic effect and it was exactly what we needed to keep our energy up for the rest of the walk back to her house. And, you know, it’s always great fun to be the adults getting right in there with the elementary school children for a minute. Later, in the evening, we went to Ellie’s house for a 4th of July (well, not really, but that’s what day it was) dinner and mini-party before going to Riverfront Park for fireworks. The food was delicious and, as you can see from my handy picture up there, we played Apples to Apples. Yes, again. Somehow, Apples to Apples is just the standard party game when this particular combination of people gets together or something. More than one person owns it and someone always suggests pulling it out.

After the food and the game and a beer for those who drink, we piled into cars again to go to the aforementioned Riverfront Park. I went with Annie and Alex (you may have noticed that we have an A name trend – there are four of us) and we got there at about 7:00 to stake out a spot. For some reason, we thought the thing started at 8:00, but we were actually wrong and the fireworks didn’t start till 10:00. But it was cool because the park got super packed by about 8:30 and we had an awesome spot really close to the river.

The sky over the river, from our blanket.

I wish I had photos of the fireworks… but my camera died not too long after sunset and about an hour before the show started. So that didn’t happen. But it was fab – pretty long and with some great combinations. Definitely worth waiting three hours for, especially considering it was three hours spent in great company. We all really enjoyed it, even if it was windy and kind of cold after dark. I was thankful for the blanket I stole from someone and held onto for the rest of the night to avoid having it reclaimed. It ended up being kind of a prolonged perfect moment, while the fireworks were going off, my last major American holiday in the States for a while, spent with friends in a familiar place. I was really happy to be there.

Sunday night saw root beer floats, thanks to a late-night trip to Safeway, and we all crashed at about midnight because extreme exhaustion was setting in. I’m just not enough of a partier to handle a whole weekend of it, and Annie and Alex weren’t doing any better.

But the weekend ended on a high note of its own! We got up and, at eleven, everyone had come back over to Annie and Alex’s to make brunch and hang out. The food was great again – waffles, cheesy potatoes, bacon, and eggs – and, despite being tired and just completely worn out, it was still good to spend that time with my friends. Then, however, with about two hours left until I had to be at the train station to catch my bus out of town, we decided to play a game.

No, not another round of Apples to Apples.

The worlds most cutthroat game of Monopoly.

This game of Monopoly was no joke, man. We were ruthless. There were under the table property trades, there were bribes, some borderline extortion, weird deals were struck, exorbitant amounts were demanded for individual pieces of property… it was so great. Ultimately, we did a bunch of mergers to speed the game along: I ended up merging with Ellie, Alex and Ash joined forces, and Nikki and Josh merged as soon as it was easiest for them to screw over Alex. There was a lot of that going on, actually, and I’m not entirely sure why. Except maybe that Nikki likes messing with Alex.

Ellie and I didn’t win (Alex and Ash did), but it was so fun. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a game of Monopoly that much in years. At the end of the game, I had to leave, which was sad, but I have to say, it was a fantastic way to end the weekend.

And, as I said to everyone at the time: be well and I’ll be seeing you. For real.


2 thoughts on “Salem Trip: Part Two

  1. I have to say, It is not just because I like to torment Alex (though his tormenting me begs it), but that he was winning and I didn’t want him to. 😀

    I am glad we had such an epic weekend! I am excited to see you next time, too. Fare thee well, my friend, until we meet again!

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