This’ll Be… Fun?

I got a detailed email from my JET predecessor tonight and, because of various decisions made on the part of the Matsuyama BOE (Board of Education), she’s actually the predecessor to three of us. So another girl and I are getting apartments that are yet to be acquired and, for the real fun part, the BOE will not be providing any furniture. My pred, who seems really sweet and helpful, has things that she wants to sell between the three of us now, which the BOE will move accordingly, but since it’s one person’s furniture being sold three ways, I’ll be greeted by  a mostly empty apartment when I arrive. I don’t have a full-time job this summer, either, so I’m on a tight budget. Here’s hoping my car sells.

I’ll be fine – it’ll all work out okay in the end. But this is definitely calling to mind what Katherine went through back when she first got to Japan. If my friends in Japan start getting woeful calls and messages from me around the first week of August, you’ll know why.

But, hey, in positive news, apparently there’s a Seattle’s Best Coffee with wifi in downtown Matsuyama! So I won’t be totally cut off from the outside world while waiting for internet to be set up in my empty apartment!

My first JET orientation is next Friday, by the way, with a second one next Saturday. They’re both all day things, one with the consul and one with the JET Alumni Association. Complete with business attire and Q&A sessions and whatnot. It all sounds very formal and official. And departure is in… 36 days? Which is very soon indeed.


5 thoughts on “This’ll Be… Fun?

  1. yikes! At least you are getting a heads up about there being a lack of stuff and not hearing about it when you arrive. Be sure to claim a fridge!

  2. Man, that really sucks that you have to deal with that! I wish you luck, especially with your car selling.

    See you in about two weeks!

    • After spending two hours cleaning the interior of that car, I will be Most Displeased if I don’t get a buyer. I put work into making it look nice!

      And I’m coming on Thursday the 1st because the price is outrageously higher on Friday. It goes up, like, $25 for the same train.

      • Okay. I have that Friday off and the following Monday off just for you! 🙂

        Text/call and let me know what time you get in! And think of what you want to do! I am thinking a great July 4th party! 😀

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