Portland ’10: The Concert

Previously on A Farther Room: Alexis and Dana took far too long driving from Seattle to Portland, had a grand adventure in the Middle of Nowhere, and finally got to their hotel in Portland (which wasn’t as sketchy as it looked). Now we’re going to skip ahead a little to the concert, because some of what happened in between the drive and the concert is best left for the third and final installment in the Portland ’10 blog series.

Ready for awesome

The concert was at 9:00 at a small bar-type venue on Burnside called Dante’s. We had will-call tickets and got there at 8:45 to get in line to get in. The line moved pretty quickly and the weather was great, so it wasn’t a painful wait. At 11:00 that morning, they’d been filming a music video, but we weren’t motivated enough to get to Portland early enough to be extras in the crowd, so we just got there for the concert. Once inside, we got one drink each and managed to get a spot about 12 feet back with a perfectly clear view of the stage. It was great.

The opening act was good, but nothing special. They did some country covers and gave me a chance to get my camera figured out so I could get pictures of Christian Kane without flash. And then, at 9:30, it was on. But, to our joy, it wasn’t just the concert starting. They needed to do another couple of takes for the video, so they were going to do that song (it’s called “The House Rules”) twice and film Christian and his band, and the crowd. The director/cameraman was Timothy Hutton, who’s the lead actor in Leverage, and Dana and I were super psyched.

Christian and Timothy

What was really awesome was that, during the second time through the song, our side of the crowd was the side being filmed, so Dana and I were about 12 feet away from Timothy Hutton with a camera. There’s a chance we’re going to be in some of the crowd shots in the music video. I’ll let you know when the video is viewable online. Even if we’re not visible, it was really fun to be there during filming. This was all already fantastic, but what pushed it all that much closer to perfection was the presence of Aldis Hodge, who plays my favourite character in Leverage. He was doing a sort of MC role and came out halfway through the show to talk to the crowd again.

Aldis Hodge (Hardison ♥)

It was so great. They had the Leverage boy contingent, which means my two favourites (Aldis and Christian) were there, and after the concert before Dana and I left Aldis walked right past us. We didn’t have the presence of mind to do anything but a double-take and a “was that…?” but it definitely was and it was fantastic. The whole night was awesome. It was one of those concerts that just couldn’t have gone better. I took a short video of the first run-through of “The House Rules,” but the sound is really obnoxious because of the crowd noise on top of the music. I have almost 20 photos, though, so that’s all good.

I’ll just leave you with one more photo of Christian and be back tomorrow to do a final post about the dramatic sub-plot that began to unfold Saturday evening. If you want to see all my pictures, they’re up at my DotPhoto (link in the sidebar) and will eventually be posted on Facebook.

Yay Christian Kane!

Totally worth the time and expense. No question. A++ would do again.


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