Life Updates

So, I did, indeed, work on Saturday and Monday, which was great. I was a nurse’s assistant at two free vaccination clinics, which means I was the person who recorded what vaccines were given to what age groups (to track numbers) and filled out immunization cards and paperwork for the schools. I also got to give stickers to the younger kids. Mostly, we were doing tetanus shots and chicken pox vaccine, because that’s what kids going into the sixth grade need now (they didn’t have a chicken pox vaccine when I was in elementary school, but I got chicken pox when I was 6, so I’m probably good), but some of them also needed a Hep B, polio, and/or MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). It went well, actually, though both days ran late because families showed up late to the Saturday clinic and on Monday there were just so many families that we couldn’t get through them all in three and a half hours. So I now know more about vaccinations than I ever wanted to. Did you know there are three different types of tetanus shot? I didn’t either, but I do now.

Most of the kids were really good about it. I mean, no one likes getting shots and none of them were happy, but very few cried. The last little girl, though, was really challenging. She was five and didn’t speak English, she needed five different shots (which is a lot and she probably doesn’t feel very good today), and she just wasn’t having it. She screamed like we were killing her and thrashed and sobbed and it took two nurses and both her older brothers holding her down for the third nurse to give her the shots. I gave her half a sheet of stickers because it took almost 20 minutes and she was so upset. But she was the only one who fought that hard, thankfully.

Unfortunately, that’s the only job I have lined up. But I guess, since I didn’t mind doing the work, they might bring me in if they do more vaccination clinics. Fingers crossed.

In reading news, I’ve read four more books since the last time I updated:

23. Autumn Mist – David A. McIntee
24. Interference Book One – Lawrence Miles
25. Interference Book Two – Lawrence Miles
26. The Blue Angel -Paul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad

They’re all Eighth Doctor novels, like the previous… several. And I’m reading the next one after Blue Angel (it’s called The Taking of Planet 5) now, which puts me a little more than a sixth of the way through the series. Go me and my speed reading skills. I actually read kind of oddly when it’s just for fun – it’s not exactly skimming, but I don’t read every word. So I get through novels really quickly. I’ve read 10 in the past week and a half or so and reading isn’t the only thing I’m doing with my time.

I really need to start sorting my stuff, and also maybe consolidating my loans. So that’s what’s next on the agenda. Aside from a one-day trip to Portland this weekend, to see a concert with my friend Dana and go to Powell’s. It should be an excellent weekend.


3 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. I was totally like that little girl. I remember when my family and I moved from New Mexico to California I had to get a few shots and one of them had to be in the butt. My mom had to hold me down and I was not a happy 5-year-old.

  2. I was like that girl, too. I actually locked myself in the bathroom and refused to come out if I had to get a shot. My goodness, what a scene I caused! I mortified my mother…

    Needles are horrible, but if you think about it whatever the shot is preventing could be so incredibly worse than a needle prick.

    I found out I will, in fact, be in the Portland area as well. Unfortunately it is for tragic reasons and very busy reasons. INVITES GO OUT THIS SATURDAY! Look for yours, darling. I want you to have one even if you cannot go because I love you.

    But Japan will rock…. are you up to date with your vaccinations? 😛

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