I was tracking this all year at my old blog, so I thought I might as well keep it up. It’s interesting to see the patterns my reading follows. And there is a definite pattern that you’re going to see in this updated list of books I’ve read in 2010.

Books of 2010, as of 2 June:

1. The Sign of Four – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
4. Apocalypse – D.H. Lawrence
5. Love in the Ruins – Walker Percy
6. The Return of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
7. The Hound of the Baskervilles – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
8. The Crying of Lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon
9. Wonder Boys – Michael Chabon
10. Paradise Lost – John Milton
11. Slaughterhouse-Five – Kurt Vonnegut
12. The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood
13. On the Road – Jack Kerouac
14. White Noise – Don DeLillo
15. The Road – Cormac McCarthy
16. Japanese Lessons – Gail Benjamin
17. The Janus Conjunction – Trevor Baxendale
18. The Taint – Michael Collier
19. Demontage – Justin Richards
20. Revolution Man – Paul Leonard
21. Dominion – Nick Walters
22. Unnatural History – Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman

The pattern in question is books 17 to 22: they’re all Doctor Who novelizations. Specifically, they’re from the Eighth Doctor Adventures series. I’m reading all the novels with my favorite companion, Fitz, so my reading has taken a turn for the quick and easy. I’ve read five of them in the past two days – they’re basically word candy. Which is good because there are 57 of them.

In other news, I have 12 hours of work in my near future! Split between two days, this Saturday and then Monday. I’ll be doing… stuff of an only sort-of defined nature for Public Health. Handing out registration forms and the like. It’s money and I like (and need) money, so I don’t really care about the details. It’s two vaccination clinics and I’m backup support, which is good enough for me. Unfortunately, it means I have to be at a clinic an hour or so away from my house at 8AM on Saturday, but it’s only one day so I’ll survive it. The Monday job is late afternoon/early evening, so it’ll be easier.

And I might be doing a one-day trip to Portland on the 12th, to see a Christian Kane concert with my dear friend Dana (Christian Kane is an actor in the TV show Leverage, which the aforementioned Dana ruthlessly got me hooked on). It’ll be an adventure! I’m also still planning my weekend to Salem for the 4th of July, but I need to get on buying train tickets for that. Like, tomorrow. It’s already June, can you believe it? Not that you’d know it, looking at the weather. It’s like March out there.

(If you want to kill 31 seconds, you should watch this video. Because you know what? The Fourth Doctor manically jumping rope with Harry Sullivan (minor Classic Who character) never gets old. This is why I love ’70s DW, right there.)


Any thoughts?

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